Happietaria Groningen

“Dine for a better world!”

Like previous years, Happietaria Groningen opens its doors again. This pop-up restaurant, organized to raise money for charity, opens for the 24th time this year! The restaurant is completely run by volunteers so that a greater amount of the profit actually goes to Tear (www.tear.nl). Happietaria Groningen will be open until the 20th of December. In our restaurant, we have 2 so called ‘shifts’ the first is from 17:00-20:00 and the second is from 20:00-close. We offer you free on-site parking around our restaurant!

Happietaria Groningen completely relies on volunteers. Are you interested in what your role might be? We would like to look at the possibilities with you.

We welcome you in our restaurant and hope to see you soon!

Happietaria will be opened from 22 November until 20 December 2018. 






Happietaria Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel Lassie





Happietaria Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel Rebecca Radio