Happietaria Groningen is being led by seven motivated students who together vorm the Happietaria Management Team (HMT).
They have the general management function over this project and also participate in the commissions of whom they are responsible for.

The HMT 2019 consists of the following people:

Chairwoman – Annika Nugteren

Treasurer – Arjan Dwarshuis

Sponsorship & Marketing – Herjan Immink

PR & Awareness – Irene van Doornik

Staff – Nina Folkerts

Location – Julia van der Horst

Kitchen & Nutrition – Anne Nooteboom

Annika Happietaria Bestuur Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel


Annika Nugteren

  • Chairwoman
  • voorzitter@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! I am Annika, 21 years old and I’m a 3rd year Biology student. I am the chairwoman of the 25th edition of Happietaria Groningen. My main tasks are leading the meetings, keeping the team up to date with our planning and making sure that everyone is able to perform their tasks well.

I am also the contact for the foundation TEAR we raise money for. I am so excited to see that we as regular students get this opportunity to set up such a project where people from all over Groningen can meet up, enjoy food and are able to mean something for the ones in need on the other side of the world.


Arjan Happietaria Bestuur Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel

Arjan Dwarshuis

  • Treasurer
  • penningmeester@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! My name is Arjan, 24 years old and currently doing the last year of my study Mathematics. My function in this year’s Happietaria is treasurer. This means I will hold the purse strings, find sponsors and make sure we will make as much money as possible! What I like about Happietaria so much is that it is a project that combines a lot of energy and generosity of people so that we can have big impact. This way Happietaria shows the positive side of people.

Herjan Happietaria Bestuur Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel

Herjan Immink

  • Sponsorship & Marketing
  • sponsor@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! My name is Herjan, I’m 21 years old and a business student. This year I am responsible for the sponsoring and purchasing of Happietaria Groningen. Together with my committee I have been looking for sponsor to support our project for a few months now. I am really enthusiastic about the collaboration with these sponsors, the support of the these companies for our project is amazing.

Are you enthusiastic about Happietaria Groningen en do you want to attach your company’s name to this initiative? You can mail to sponsor@happietariagroningen.nl.


Irene Happietaria Bestuur Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel

Irene van Doornik

  • PR & Awareness
  • pr@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi, my name is Irene, 22 years old and I’m a law student. This year I am responsible for the PR and awareness of Happietaria Groningen. In order to put Happietaria on the map it is important to use social media and have contacts with the press. Besides that I try to raise awareness for the charity behind Happietaria. I think the power of Happietaria is that students work together to raise money for charity by running a restaurant. I can’t wait to welcome you to our restaurant!


Nina Happietaria Bestuur Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel

Nina Folkerts

  • Staff
  • personeel@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! My name is Nina, 23 years old and I am 3rd year history student. This year I am the staff manager of Happietaria Groningen. I recruit volunteers, I arrange the reservations and make sure it goes well in the restaurant. What I think is great about Happietaria, is that many students volunteer to help raising money for charity.

If you would like to offer your help, you can contact me (personeel@happietariagroningen.nl) or approach someone from the Personnel Committee or my fellow HMT members. We are happy with all help! Will we see you? 😉

Julia Happietaria Bestuur Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel

Julia van der Horst

  • Location
  • pand@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! I am Julia, 21 years old and i just finished my bachelor of law. This year i’m responsible for the location of our restaurant and its decoration so that we can open a atmospheric restaurant on the 21st of novembert! I am super excited to be able to contribute something to Happietaria this year. I think it is a unique and special concept that together with various students, companies and volunteers we can open a restaurant that offers people a nice evening out and makes a substantial contribution to our charity. So come and volunteer or eat in our restaurant!

Anne Happietaria Bestuur Restaurant Groningen Goede Doel

Anne Nooteboom

  • Kitchen & Nutrition
  • Keuken@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! My name is Anne, I’m 21 years old and a medical student. I’m really looking forward to be the manager of the kitchen of Happietaria Groningen 2019. Together with my committee, I’m responsible for everything that happens in and around the kitchen, for example hygiene and preparing the dishes. I’m excited about cooking for charity (and for you ofcourse), because I love to cook. I think it’s special that Happietaria brought people together the last 24 years. I’m looking forward to see you in our restaurant this lustrum!
Would you like to help in the kitchen? Please send an email to keuken@happietariagroningen.nl.