Happietaria Groningen is being led by seven motivated students who together vorm the Happietaria Management Team (HMT).
They have the general management function over this project and also participate in the commissions of whom they are responsible for.

The HMT 2018 consists of the following people:

Chairman – Martijn de Vries

Treasurer – Joël Kuiper

Sponsorship & Marketing– Lotte Gerritsen

PR & Awereness – Wierd Folkertsma

Staff – Marjan Hoff

Location – Anne-Wikke Verbaan

Kitchen & Nutrition – Alouchca Sikkema


Martijn de Vries

  • Chairman
  • voorzitter@happietariagroningen.nl

Hello! I am Martijn, studying to become a primary school teacher and I’m also the chairman of the 24th edition of Happietaria Groningen. In the past 23 years Happietaria Groningen has become deeply rooted in the city. It has become a place where students and residents meet, either as a guest in the restaurant, or as a volunteer on one of our shifts. This way of meeting, as well as working together for a better world inspires me.

As the chairman, I am responsible for our project. I make sure we keep our schedule, set the conditions so that every team member can perform his task and I help out whenever needed. Besides that I’m the contact for Tear, the foundation we work for.

I am looking forward to our opening day, which is in about 2 months. I hope that will be the day that all our hard work comes together, so we can have a fantastic Happietaria Groningen 2018. Would you like to be part of this? Stay in touch via our website: www.happietariagroningen.nl or this Facebook page. Hope to see you there!


Joël Kuiper

  • Treasurer
  • penningmeester@happietariagroningen.nl

I am Joël Kuiper, 21 years old, a Business student and this year’s treasurer of Happietaria Groningen. I am really excited about Happietaria, because it gives people the opportunity to contribute to a better world with equal opportunities for every human in a very simple way. The idea that every single euro raised, goes directly to charity motivates me a lot.

As a treasurer, I am responsible for all financial and legal affairs at Happietaria. This includes paying bills, applying for licenses and signing contracts.

I hope we can achieve some great results this year together with many volunteers, sponsors and guests. Hence, we also need you! You can support us by volunteering or having diner in our restaurant. Also, we are always looking for sponsors that can support us. If you have any suggestions for potential sponsors or when you can contribute something yourself, we would really like to get in touch with you!

Lotte Gerritsen

  • Sponsorship & Marketing
  • sponsor@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! I am Lotte, 21 years old and student Pedagogical Sciences. This year I am sponsoring- & stock manager of Happietaria Groningen. I am enthusiastic about the project we support and I hope to convey this enthusiasm to our sponsors. What I really like about Happietaria, is the fact that we work together on it. The cooperation with our sponsors, who supports us every year, makes my very happy. Together with my committee, I am searching for companies who want to support us, to make Happietaria again successful this year. Besides this, I am responsible for the stocking of the kitchen, so they can serve you a delicious meal.

Are you enthusiastic about Happietaria Groningen en do you want to attach your company’s name to this initiative? You can mail to sponsor.groningen@gmail.com .


Wierd Folkertsma

  • PR & Awareness
  • pr@happietariagroningen.nl

He! I am Wierd Folkertsma and studying in my fourth year of Spatial Planning and Design. I have the honors to be responsible for the Public Relations (PR) and awareness at Happietaria Groningen. I am excited to make Happietaria known in the city of Groningen and it is surrounding areas. By doing this we hope to get our restaurant as full as possible! Together with my commission, I try to make people enthusiastic about our goal and make sure they come and eat at our place. I am convinced that this year’s goal is a goal that really helps. Sustainable help with the motto: ‘Preventing is better than curing’, is the best help someone can give I think. Because of this, my task of ‘selling’ the restaurant and the cause is way easier.

Do you want to know more about our goal? More information can be found under: Happietaria à The cause.


Marjan Hoff

  • Staff
  • personeel@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! My name is Marjan, second year student Applied Psychology and this year’s Personnel Manager of Happietaria Groningen! I am incredibly happy with the position I may fulfill within the HMT and I am very excited about working with everyone who wants to offer their help to Happietaria Groningen. For the next few months, my committee and I will be busy recruiting volunteers to help us run the restaurant with service and kitchen. During the opening (November 22 – December 20) we will try to offer you the best possible service so that you can fully enjoy a night at our Happietaria restaurant.

If you would like to offer your help, you can contact me (personeel@happietariagroningen.nl) or approach someone from the Personnel Committee or my fellow HMT members. We are happy with all help! Will we see you? 😉

Anne-Wikke Verbaan

  • Location
  • pand@happietariagroningen.nl

Hai! I’m Anne-Wikke Verbaan, 21 years old and I just finished my third year of medical school. I’m responsible for the location of our restaurant and its decoration. We are currently busy with searching the perfect place.

What I love about Happietaria is the enthousiasm of so many people, volunteers as well as guests and sponsors. It inspires me that one city can change so much for people in poor circumstances.

If you want to play in a role in Happietaria, do not hesitate to become involved! We still need people to paint/prepare our building before the 22nd of November! We would be glad to receive your help and the people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal too. See you there!

Alouchca Sikkema

  • Kitchen & Nutrition
  • Keuken@happietariagroningen.nl

Hi! My name is Alouchca, I’m 21 years old and student Pedagogical Sciences. This year I’ll be the manager of the kitchen of Happietaria Groningen. I’m very enthusiastic about Happietaria, because what’s more fun than cooking? Exactly, cooking for charity! Food brings people together and I think it’s amazing that in this way we can contribute to a project of Tear.

As manager of the kitchen, I’m responsible, together with my committee for everything that happens in and around the kitchen. Think about making the menu, hygiene and preparing the dishes.  I’m really looking forward to running a restaurant for a month, because it seems to me like an exciting challenge.

Would you like to help in the kitchen? Please mail to keuken@happietariagroningen.nl