Extreme weather conditions increasingly become a world problem. In some areas, extreme drought is followed by extreme monsoons. Recently the news reported the most extreme flooding in over a century in India, causing hundreds of dead and billions in damage. There is no or little support from the government. The most vulnerable people therefore lose the little that they have time after time.


  • Heavy monsoons
  • Climate change
  • Great poverty
  • Dependency on agriculture
  • Deforestation
  • Bad infrastructure

Tear works

Tear helps people to improve their own wellbeing. Via local organizations and churches Tear offers effective and specialist help to the poorest without making a difference between people on the basis of origin, gender, religion or political color. By initiatives brought up by local residents, Tear can offer help that actually works!

In Bangladesh, Nepal and India Tear works with thousands of volunteers. Together with local governments, they compile disaster prevention plans. In this process, as far as possible, they use the means that are already at their disposal. Besides that, they also ask the government to take responsibility. The pillars on which they focus are:

  • Preparing for a disaster
  • Discussing the consequences and the necessity of expensive emergency aid.

Preparing for a disaster

  • Setting up a warning system
  • Training on saving stragglers
  • Training on first aid
  • Creating safe shelter

Minimalizing the consequences

  • Drought-resistant and sustainable crops
  • Improving cooking spots
  • Planting trees on weak slopes (to prevent mud flows)
  • Creating sustainable water sources
  • Constructing escape routes
  • Creating new sources of income

Investment goal 2018: €150.000